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Fund beach cleanups

& track your impact

Fund with confidence, tracking your contribution with data and photo proof of your exact impact.


Ever wonder where your contribution goes?

 Us too. That's why we're on a mission of radical transparency. We want to show you how your money is spent by sharing visual proof of the marine debris collection your contribution has enabled. You deserve it.

How Rubbi Works

No time or energy to cleanup plastic pollution, yet still want to do your part?

Rubbi makes it easy for you to help preserve the environment. 

Here's how it works:


Explore locations & fund a cleanup

Learn about our cleanup sites and select the amount you'd like to have cleaned up.


We clean the beach and collect data

We clean the environment, protecting it from further harming humans & wildlife.


See your impact & share with others!

We send you an Impact Validation Report with data and photos of the impact your contribution enabled.

167 pounds

of plastic pollution cleaned!

In the name of transparency, we have compiled a list of cleanup receipts tracking every pound we've collected with links to view the data.

Last Updated: 2/8/2020

Cleanup Locations

More locations coming soon!

Coney Island, New York City, USA

Known for its sandy beaches and entertaining amusement park, Coney Island is a packed summer destination for those looking to see New York City and get some much needed sunshine.

Often neglected, the opposing side of the island is littered with trash year-round. Hypodermic needles are scattered throughout the beach, making it dangerous for locals, tourists and cleanup crews, alike.


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